Friday, June 20, 2014

Physical Therapy, K13, Clam pasta

After the business calls of the day, we headed to Cottrell's Physical Therapy. I am very pleased with Kathy's progress. Rusty told her it was time to quit using the walker. Wow, today is one day after the surgery.

After work I went for a walk along the ocean and K13 the wonder seal, the Mahalepu Mama, was hauled up across from the lot where Captain John Nakamura of Kainalu Fishing keeps his charter boat. We talked for a while, his charter today pulled in three Ono and a Yellowfin, he has been burning it up  lately. Then, I went to watch K13 for a few minutes before going on my walk, they had the ropes a long way out, so this is the best I could do since I seem to be cell phone camera challenged.

Canned clams were on half price special at Longs Drugs, so we had clam pasta tonight with fresh vegetables and spiced with fresh oregano, basil, chives, one small hot pepper, minced garlic and a but of tumeric root. It came out nice. I am marinating the Ono in tarragon for tomorrow night

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  1. Of course Kathy progressing well is the most important thing!

    I'm at the beach in Maine, one of my favorite places, and only use tarragon for a Lobster salad in Filo Cups I make here usually every spring. I've decided I should try tarragon with more (sea)food, and have planted some outside, but with the poor seaside soil it's in a pot and I hope it survives with my frequent travels and lack of watering.

    Ono marinated in tarragon sounds divine, and as a run Google Ads as a favor for a friend of mine who runs charter fishing trips, I'm wondering what fish he may deliver this year that will be a "friend of tarragon" - some experimentation is in order!