Monday, June 16, 2014

Oasis, Monk Seal, on the way to Donkey's Beach

It was Father's Day. We were in church, Lon Malapit was leading the closing song. Don't know the song, but it was the fundamentals of faith. We were dismissed after a prayer, I looked up and Rudy and Shanda were there. Wow! We decided to go to lunch, decided Gaylord's was too crazy for Father's Day, settled on Oasis in Waipoli. This is one of my favorite restaurants on the island. The chef is very creative, so you have some wonderful choices and they gave us an awesome table. Rudy had the short ribs, I had the tri-tip with a perfectly cooked poached egg, Shanda had a crepe and I forget what Kathy had, but she devoured the Ono Poke they were willing to make for us as an appetizer. We had a great time of conversation and then we parted ways. (they are leaving for a cruise on Tuesday and have to settle their worldly affairs before being gone for three weeks).

When we got home it was still peak sun, even with 50 SPF sunblock, I do not take on peak sun this close to the summer solstice. I read an STI student's gold paper on quantum computing and made some comments then about 2:45 started getting ready for a walk to Donkey's Beach. It is all easy walking, but when I cross 6 miles, I like to pack a bottle of water, a snack and something to sit on. And assembling the pack is not wasted effort, later this week I want to enjoy one of the island trails. What fun, in the first 1/8th of a mile I ran into a K13, a Monk seal. I saw a tourist lady and her daughter were walking by and did not see the yellow rope, so I encouraged them to come over and see K13. Since there are only about 1100 of these seals left, having a picture of her daughter with the seal in the background might be an awesome piece of memorabilia.

Then I continued on. It was a nice walk, the multi-use path, (Ke Ala Hele Makalae, The Path that Goes by the Coast),  was not very crowded, though there were people enjoying it. There was a tourist lady going about my speed and taking pictures as we hit Kelia, so I encouraged her to push on to the Pineapple dump. She said she was going to turn-around, but actually followed me by about 200 yards. When we got to the Pineapple dump, I stopped until she came up and pointed out the side path to the historical landmark. Then on to Donkey's, I love that spot. It is one of my favorites areas of the island; right up there with Mahalepu. And then, back home, made fantastic time, and cruised in about 6:40 PM.

Hunter called for a Father's Day call, we had a nice conversation, Kathy and I shared some quinoa, veggies and turkey breast for supper. We ended the night watching Houseboat with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. This goes down as a very nice day.

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