Tuesday, June 3, 2014

13 Coins - Great SEATAC Airport Restaurant

13 Coins is a landmark restaurant in the Seattle area. The one at SEATAC is open 24 hours and the breakfast offerings are available around the clock. It is a very innovative menu and beats the Denny's hands down.

6/3/14 Second visit. We have a merciful boarding time of 8:30 AM, but Kathy is in a walker and we do not know how fast she can get through the airport, so Becca picked us up and we relocated to the Hilton airport and stopped for dinner at 13 Coins. This time Becca remembered that I wanted to watch them cook, so we sat at the bar along the cooking line so we could watch the action. We shared a bottle of Kestrel Lady in Red, ninth edition, I could not find the year on the bottle to save my life, but looking at the images think it must be 2011. It is a Washington State blend, tastes like a young wine, bit of pepper and cherry taste. I liked it, but don't really think it will age that well, some wines are best opened early.

Each of us had the spinach salad, Kathy's was with a Balsamic vinaigrette since the standard dressing has gluten. Kathy had the Bucket of Clams which was highly recommended by our server, Kelly. Becca had the Steak Sinatra medium rare and I had the Seafood Saute. Good food and plenty of it. It was fun talking with the line cooks. Becca noticed the copper pans with rounded bottoms and asked me what they are used for; my guess was meringue, you tend to see the rounded bottoms on dishes where you use a French Whisk. One of the line cooks told us that they use it for a dessert, Zabaglioni, ( some spell it Zabaglione), an Italian custard, made of egg yolks, sugar and sherry.

So we ordered Zabaglioni for dessert with three spoons. I have a whisk friendly pan, and think I will play round with this a bit.

Becca didn't finish her steak and asked for a box. It got lost somehow and without saying a word they prepared a half portion and boxed it for her. I had been leaning towards trying a new place, but think with customer service like that; Lord willing, I'll be back.

NOTE: If you go there, I would try to avoid having Kelly as your server. She is hair on fire like she is in a terrible hurry, and her service is awful. I tipped 20% because the cooks made the experience great, I hope she shared some of the money with them.

4/21/14, First visit. We have a 5:05 AM boarding time tomorrow so we relocated to the Hilton airport hotel. We asked Becca from Savvy Solutions for the trip and said we would love to have dinner to catch up if she would recommend a place.

She recommended 13 Coins so we went. I like the place and hope to be back and sit on the part of the bar which is in front of the line cook stations, they really sounded like they were having a great time. Very creative menu. Becca had the Seafood Saute, Kathy had the Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict, I had the Chicken Dijon and we shared a bottle of 2011 Brazin Zinfandel. All diners expressed joy with their choices, bill before taxes was 118.97.

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