Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Co-hosting Harry, Keely and Cecile with Kenzie and Keely

Kenzie and Keely decided the theme for this dinner will be Northern Italian. We have been working together to firm up the menu. BTW we invited our neighbor across the street to join us, her name in Cecile, she is a vegetarian, but we can handle that easily.

Antipasto (served cold)
Brushetta con aglio brindisi (Brushetta with garlic toast)
Insalata (Apples, figs, Anahola granola, imported cheese, cinnamon, top with Aidelle’s chicken slice)
Polenta with chives
Parma ham on toast point
** Load the plates in the kitchen, don’t put the chicken on Cecile’s plate
** Pull the small plates, ask people to keep their utensils, bring another set of small plates

Farfalle con prosciutto e piselli (serve the ham in a separate bowl)

Tacchino con marinata basaltic (Turkey with basalmic marinade)
Contorno - Asparagi, carciofi, con dragoncello vinegrette
Risotto y fungi (Rice and mushrooms in butter and parmesan cheese, flavored with rosemary salt)
** We will need to make the tarragon vinaigrette the day before (Wednesday), it needs to sit
** We will serve as three different dishes
** Pull the small plates

Cioccolato e ciliegie granita

** We will make the granita the night before and place in small glass bowls in the zero degree drawer

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