Saturday, June 21, 2014

A two monk seal day - braided ono sausage

Yesterday, Kathy remarked, now I remember why we moved to Hawaii. Another perfect day on Kauai, it is the longest string of great weather I can remember. Later on my walk, I got truly blessed. There are only 1100 or so monk seals remaining and I got to see two of them sleeping together. Pretty cool.

While I was walking I had this idea. Captain John Nakamura of Kainalu Fishing, ( gave me a filet of Ono that his charter boat caught yesterday. I decided to make a braided Ono Sausage for Harry and Keely.

To top a perfect day, Kathy and I got outside. We did a walk around the block, visited with some neighbors and shared a bottle of wine, (2010 Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon). It only rained on us a little bit, just a misty rain and Kathy was wearing her trademark neoprene and nylon NRS jacket.

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