Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kathy is upstairs, walk to Kelia, green bean and chia seed ceviche

This morning, Harry, Keely and I moved Kathy upstairs from the ADA bed and bath room. The suite worked out pretty well, Glenn Morgan consulted with Luis Soltren on the design. I wrote this on Glenn's Facebook page.

Your design for the ADA bedroom and bath at 1070 Kealoha worked out perfectly. The ceiling fan in the bathroom was brilliant. I have looked at it before, scratched my head and wondered why anyone would put a ceiling fan, albeit a marine grade one, in a shower. But it dries the floor in about an hour. Kathy's hip replacement is healing nicely. We moved back upstairs today.

With no sign of a rain this afternoon, I wanted to go for a walk, I did quiet work till after 2 PM, even with sun block, a hat and sun glasses it can be a bit much. It is not that far, 2.6 miles from the house. I had some crazy idea of going all the way to Donkey beach, but then I would have to walk all that way back :)

Not sure why, but we bought a bag of key limes; that is a lot of work for very little lime juice, but I am going to experiment with green bean and chia seed ceviche.

I cut 10 key limes into quarters and squeezed the juice out through a strainer to catch the seeds.
2 cups of green beans cut on the diagonal swirled them around in the lime juice
Added water to just cover
Started cooking over a low burner
I did not add the 1/2 cup chia seeds yet, there is a risk of them burning, wait about 30 minutes and let the beans start to soften, stir them in well
1/2 cup of red bell peppers, wait till about ten minutes before serving
I used a rounded tablespoon of crushed red peppers some folks might like more
To taste: fresh oregano, fresh chives, salt, cumin, garlic

I also grabbed a pad of cactus and made Nopales. Cooked them on low heat in a non-stick skillet so they were a bit crunchy, not gooey. The spices were salt and 6 leaves fresh basil cut up finely. About two minutes before serving I put a little water in the pan and added the basil.

Served with salsa on the side with corn tostados.

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