Sunday, October 28, 2012


We took advantage of United having a waiver on changing flights to switch from Reston and the Frankenstorm to Kauai for six days ( the flight to Seattle was booked solid and the flight to Kauai had two open seats). After we landed, I went to the store, and Kathy and I sat down to a dinner of cheese and JalapeƱo tamales and yams mole and just as we washed the last of the dishes the tsunami alarms went off. Evacuation was easy, we had not unpacked from the airport and we make a point of traveling with things like flashlights and water bottles. So we slept in a car last night, but I am thankful we got out of the way of the storm, I was not packed for snowpocalypse.

We learned about the storm while we were in Orange County, at the Disneyland Hotel, for the ISSA annual meeting. It was fun to see some familiar faces and I honestly believe that ISSA is a significant force in our line of work for professionalism. My talk seemed to go well. After my talk we mingled and took a car to reposition at an airport hotel. On the way to the hotel, I called Diane and learned about the storm.

Looking ahead, we will stay on Kauai five more days and reposition to the West Coast to start getting ready for San Diego. It will be fun to try a new conference hotel and I have never had the privilege of staying in a Hard Rock.

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