Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sumner to OC to Kauai

We took Alaska Airlines 502F from SEATAC to Santa Ana Orange County John Wayne Airport on 25 OCT for the ISSA awards. Good flight, on time, good service, a bit of turbulence, but not too bad. We found a table with Al and Andrea Hoy and watched the awards. I think ISSA is a really important organization for security.

Then we checked into the Disneyland Hotel, boy they sure have perfected the use of the mouse logo. We ate at 55 Steakhouse, I had a bone in chunk of meat, Kathy had a filet. Bedtime and happily so.

Got up early to hear Howard's keynote. Had an hour to prepare for my own keynote, then lunch. After lunch, more awards and then a panel on ethics.

We had a car at 4 PM to transfer to the LAX airport Hilton Garden Inn. Our flight to Dulles is being canceled due to the hurricane and the risk of Snowpocalypse. Diane re-routed us to Kauai.

We caught the 1030 shuttle from the Hilton Garden Inn, there was another couple and he works in information security as well. The driver dropped us off at the wrong terminal, terminal 7, we were supposed to be in terminal 6, but it worked out. The lady at the United odd sized baggage and special services area told us it would be a long wait, but there were only five people in line so we took our chances. Worked out well, there were several empty terminals and she let us use one. Then security was a breeze, there were four people ahead of us and it was a metal detector not one of those imaging machines. We were early enough to check in to the United lounge and catch up on email and blogging. The crazy thing was how empty the airport was, this is the second time recently, I have seen an unusually empty major airport.

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