Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sumner to Richmond

Becca Iverson, our concierge, is bringing her car and is scheduled for 8:20 PM, we will be flying on United. I don't like redeye flights anymore, used to try to schedule them.

I have two business meetings tomorrow after we land so really hope I sleep some on the plane.

Flight 1617F from Seattle was on time. The service was OK. After we landed in Chicago, we had a pretty long hike to our next flight. Flight 6107Y was slightly delayed. James Limo picked us up and the driver was quite pleasant. We had time to lay down for 20 minutes before my first business call. It was a really important topic, instructor development and I was really tired .... I was actually afraid I would start snoring.

Finally both meetings were done. I made some food and we both crashed hard. I used to like redeyes, but I think those days are coming to a halt for me.

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