Sunday, October 21, 2012

Future Shock - Ford Mustangs

On the United flight from IAD to SEA the direct TV did not work. However I had a copy of Future Shock by Alvin Toffler so I read a few pages. Page 268 talks about the Ford Mustang. He quotes critic Reyner Banham as saying, "There isn't a dung-regular Mustang any more, just a stockpile of options."

Fast forward from 1971 to 2012 and nothing has changed. Disclaimer, I own a 2011 GT Mustang convertible GT 5.0. When I was doing my research to buy the car, one article said, "best pony car on the road, but the problem is there are so many of them". When you own a Mustang ( or any other car), you notice other Mustangs on the road. It almost drove me to buy Ford Motor Company Stock ( I have also owned 1 Ford F 100 Pickup and two F 150 Pickups), but the amount of debt the company has scared me off.

Despite the fact I am not an investor, there is an amazing array of custom Mustangs on the road:
  • Racing stripes, not racing stripes
  • Sort of four passengers and fast backs; no hope of four passengers
  • Convertibles ( my 1965 Mustang was also a convertible)
  • And then there is the Shelby, ummmm, ummmm, ummm

    We live in a world of near infinite choice; at least at the moment, but Ford had that vision dialed in over 40 years ago.
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