Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dulles to SEATAC

We awoke an hour before our alarm at the Westin. Breakfast was included in our rate which was nice. Then showers and finished packing. It was a lovely day and the hotel to airport shuttle was on time and had plenty of room for all the people and bags.

There was a little confusion at the United ticket counter, but everyone was nice and we figured it all out. Kathy and I are on separate reservations because I was using a canceled ticket.

I was selected or Pre, but Kathy was not, but there was no line, Dulles was deserted, I have only seen that happen one other time and that was in the great recession. Since we breezed through security, we were able to visit the United club and make hot tea.

We did not get the upgrade. This was a Continental style 737 with Direct TV. I swiped my credit card, but it did not work. I just checked online and it has not been charged yet.

The flight left on time, but we ended up being 30 minutes late arriving. I guess we ran into some headwinds or got re-routed. Starline was there promptly to pick us up and there was no traffic. For supper I grabbed something we had made and froze (Chicken with potatoes and artichokes), it was good, simple and fast.

It is great to be home. The light on the lake was incredible. The change in the trees as fall is coming was also very dramatic. And the rains are finally here, the ground was very dry, I am sure the plants appreciate it.

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