Monday, October 22, 2012

Future Shock - The Neural Investment Part 2

The author goes on to say: "change, roaring through society, widens the gap between what we believe and what really is, between the existing images and the reality they are supposed to reflect."

In a class I authored and often teach there is a section on information warfare and one of the topics is perception management. I tell my class there is a battle for their minds. Please forgive me if you find the following offensive, I mean no disrespect to anyone.
  • Have you ever tried to reason with someone that gets all of their information from Fox News? It is impossible, they cannot know or understand truth or middle ground, they have poisoned their minds.
  • And lest that bullet makes you think I am a flaming liberal, the same is true of someone that gets all of their information from MSNBC ( at least that is currently what they call it).

    So what are we to do? Well we need to be very careful with what we let enter our "eyegates" and "eargates". We are bombarded with so much information, we do not have time to properly examine each item closely and then start to develop a significant confirmation bias.
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