Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Las Margaritas, Becca Iverson Real Estate and Concierge, India is about to announce being polio free

We were supposed to have lunch with Jay Beale from InGuardians, but the timing was off so we headed south.  I wanted to visit ShoWare center and see if I could get some good seats for the Harlem Globetrotters, it has been years since I have seen one of their games.

And since I was almost there, took  I 167 three more exits to enjoy a late lunch at Las Margaritas in Auburn. This is one of my favorite Mexican style restaurants in the US. We went all out and ordered the Parriillada Nortena for two. It was much more than we could eat, but we took what was left home; yumm.

Ran into Becca Iverson of Savvy Solutions. Have mentioned her before, we relied on her reliability and unflappability during the phase of life we were traveling all the time. Now days, the real estate aspect of her life has been ramping up. She is working with Keller Williams in Tacoma WA, (253) 678-7089. If I was buying a house in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area, I would want her on our team. Heck, she IS on our team.

Just read today that there has not been a confirmed case of polio in India in three years.  That means there is now a chance of eliminating the disease globally. That, I think, counts as good news.

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