Friday, January 17, 2014

GF Apple Pizza

/* Right now this is experimental, when I get a few more tests done, will post a recipe with quantities */

All these wonderful gluten free flours need to get used up, they have a finite shelf life, which means keep on baking. Life is hard, eh :) I mixed equal parts brown rice flour, ground flax seed, almond powder and Parmesan Romano cheese powder. Stirred to mix. Added just a pinch of salt, the cheese will add salt. Added as little olive oil as possible to have a consistent mixture of the flours and the oil, the cheese will also add fat. Added a bit of cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and some sour cherry jam for sweetness. I did add some baking powder, probably something in the neighborhood of a 1/2 TSP. I wanted it to rise buy not turn into bread. Brought it to a pizza dough consistency by adding egg whites as my liquid. Placed parchment paper on a baking pan and rolled it out using the ground cheese to keep the dough from sticking to my non-stick rolling pin.  Set my oven for 325 and put the dough in to cook.

While the dough was cooking, (took about 20 minutes), peeled and cored two decent sized granny smith apples, chopped one relatively fine, grated the other, (next time I think I will just use my blender on the second apple). Add the same spicing as the crust. Added some egg white and powdered cheese to serve as a binder. Spooned the apple mix onto the crust and spread it around with the bottom of a spoon, I chose to cover all the crust, didn't want it to burn.

Kathy suggested some slivered almonds, so she sprinkled them on and I pushed them into the apple mix so they would not fall off. Once again, in the oven at 325 this took about 50 minutes, next time I may try a slightly higher temperature.

Flavor was good, crust was a bit dry. Binders worked everything held together so you could eat a slice with your hands as if it was, well, pizza. The classic solution to that is more oil, or even better, butter, but trying to make this as low fat as possible. One thought is to baste the crust as it almost finished baking with egg white or a fruit juice.

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