Friday, January 17, 2014

iRobot Roomba and Scooba

A couple of weeks ago we were bombing through Costco and they had a pallet full of 500 series Roombas for $299.00 if I remember right. We through one in the cart. I had one a long time ago and it was OK, not great. This one blew my mind. It can go under most of our furniture and that really helps keep dust under control. We run it in some part of the house almost every day.

They have improved the cliff protection so Roomba does not fall down the stairs. It is now February 2 and we are still happy with Roomba's performance as well as amazed at how much it picks up. Not that surprising though, as the sun sets over the lake, it comes straight through the slider and I was amazed at the amount of dust in the air in the room. One contributor to the atmospheric particular matter is China's smog. It comes across the ocean and enters the US from Seattle to Los Angeles. Another, in winter are the people that heat their house with wood. But there should be a burning ban somewhere around the end of February. I need to watch out for that myself with my wood fired pizza oven. I have signed up for automated alerts.

Anyway, Roomba works so well, we ordered their robot mop, Scooba. This does not work as well, it costs more, and did not come with spare brushes like the Roomba they sell at Costco. I am concerned about the amount of water it puts down for the wood floors, but I may look into trying to seal the kitchen and dining room.

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