Friday, January 10, 2014

GF Red Potato, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Cilantro Pancakes


2 lb Red potatoes cut up into sixteenths each
1 Cup garbanzo bean flour
1/2 Of a bunch of green onions
1/4 Cup cilantro (don't pack it down)
1/8 Cup salsa or picante sauce
1/8 Cup walnuts chopped coarsely
3 Heaping tablespoons cheddar cheese powder
2 Eggs (these are the last ingredient to add)
2 Tablespoons red onion chopped fine
2 Tablespoons olive oil (put in your skillet)
1 Teaspoon minced garlic

Spices to taste:

Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Thyme, Red Pepper, Cumin


Potatoes in microwave with a bit of water till mashable
Onions and garlic to the skillet, cook on low heat

When potatoes are mashable, add the cheddar cheese powder and onions from the skillet. Stir till the oil is mixed in evenly. Add only enough warm water to mix things, should be a thick paste, remember you have two eggs coming. Add spices, taste often till you like your mix, be a bit bold with the black pepper. When it tastes right, you can add the eggs and any water you feel is needed. Portions will be level tablespoon amount.


Skillet method, (recommended), low heat, no oil, if the recipe is done right they will not stick if you have a high quality non-stick skillet. Use a lid to get more even performance and minimize splatters. Start with a single test, if all is well go into production. After 4.5 minutes see if it is ready to flip. When both sides are done, taste, and make any adjustments. In production, what I do is flip, wait two minutes, kill the heat and let them finish in the warm pan.

Baking pan method, you will need a high quality baking pan and still need to mist some oil down on the pan. I spray a row, put down the pancakes, then spray the next row because non-stick pans tend to bead the oil up. I use 325 degrees and let them coast when they are almost done.

Serving suggestion:

I like to use the appropriate amount of rotisserie chicken, (Costco's is my favorite). As a sauce I mix equal parts Greek yogurt, salsa and cheddar cheese powder. Mix well with chicken and microwave to just above room temperature. Stirring can be a good idea.

Green salad, you know what to do.

Pancakes, on a good day, they will be hot off the skillet. I mix two tablespoons of Greek yogurt, microwaved just to room temp and stir in a few drops of cilantro oil.

Cilantro oil:

Winpro sells a bunch of cilantro for 44c, the price is right but what to do with that much cilantro and it does not keep that well. Use some in a couple dishes and then while it is still in good shape make the oil. Chop up the cilantro including the stems. put them in the skillet. Pour Olive oil, or whatever oil you want to use into your cooking container then add a little more, some of the oil vanishes during the process, (corn oil can be fun if you are think Mexican fare, peanut oil is you are thinking Indian foods). Even my smallest burner is too much heat. My options seem to be you set up a double boiler, or turning the burner off every few minutes.

Kathy ordered a box of nifty small glass jars with corks, she wants me to make rosemary oil for the neighbors next Christmas. We use a fine mesh strainer which I hold over a funnel, and Kathy puts the cilantro into the strainer. At the end we squeeze the mash with a thick scoop spatula, Kathy likes to rotate all four directions, she calls it North, South, East, West. Store it in the fridge and you are rancid safe for four to six months as long as:
- The cilantro was rinsed well for contaminants
- The cilantro is thoroughly dried, not in the sense of dried herbs, but of no excess water. Kathy bought me a seed sorter screen from horizon herbs. I wash the cilantro a day before I make the oil and spread it out of the seed sorter to dry.

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