Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BBQ Tacos and Chicken Pastrami

I took Kathy to Wal-Mart to get some of their microwave popcorn. While we were headed to the checkout, we went down the Asian/Latino Aisle and I noticed Wal-Marts own brand of taco shells and threw them in the cart.

That night, I made the standard Mexican style tacos, they were fun and I really enjoyed the crunch of the Wal-Mart shells, they come with a plastic bottom and a seal on the top. Kathy and I only eat two tacos, what to do with the rest.

We had breakfast tacos the next day. What if I take some of the fat free turkey breast strips and add a bit of cheddar cheese powder to them with some pasteurized egg whites, some green pepper and some of the classic spices. It was good and fun to have finger food at breakfast. We still had four shells left.

I took the last of my fat free turkey, some green pepper and tops of green onions, a few drops of olive oil, (praise God for giving us non-stick pans), 1/4 TSP of minced garlic, a couple table spoons of cheddar cheese powder and one TBSP of ground flax to serve as binder and then finished with Buz and Neds(tm) BBQ sauce to taste, (not that it is the best, but because it was in my fridge). It was a unique approach to tacos and a fun experience for both of us.

Am kinda taco'ed out right now, but maybe next week. In the mean time, I am craving a Rueben. The problem is I am on a salt reduced intake and sometimes they leave too much fat on the Pastrami for my taste. What about alternate meats? I have elk, chicken and salmon in the fridge. I decided to roughly base my first try on the Bradley Smoker recipe. However, I don't use sodium nitrate, this will be salt only.  I have the meat marinating till Sunday in a sealed bag, which I try to flip every time I open the fridge. Have till Sunday to think about the bread. Kathy is not gluten friendly so need to come up with something similar to a rye bread with no gluten, which means no rye. Right off the bat I am thinking caraway seeds ground fine, some coffee for color and possibly some tomato powder for color and taste. Should be fun.

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