Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chile Verde - Lagana

Kathy and I attend a church small group for Calvary Chapel Lihue and the topic is Philippians. This Wednesday is the end of the study and we are having a pot luck to celebrate. Our fearless leader is Mike Lagana. As we ended the study for the night the conversation turned to the pot luck for the last session. Someone had suggested Mexican, (it is the week of Cinco de Mayo), and who would bring what. Mike mentioned he had just had an awesome Chile Verde. So, we volunteered. I have zero focus on making the best Chile Verde, but I would like to make a good and immaginative one.

The secret of a great Chile Verde is simple, let the peppers, (in conjunction with the Tomatillos and spices), do the talking.

Boneless porkchops, trim the fat, 2.5 Pounds
Bacon strips, 10
Ground beef, 90 percent lean, 1 lb
Anaheim peppers, Safeway, .57 pound
Poblano, Safeway, fire roasted at home, .85 pound
Serranos, Safeway, .85 pound
Mini-Sweet bell peppers, (Costco), in three colors -10
Black chili peppers - 2 (These are awesome, Kathy grows them, I wish I had hundreds)
Peppers from Hanai, the local organic specialty shop, 1 white sweet bell pepper, 1 purple pablano
Jumbo Yellow onion, 1
Garlic cloves, 15 (Make sure you and your lover both pertake)
Carlic chives, chopped, 2 cups, yes you read me right, chives do very well on Kauai and take this dish over the top. Grow chives, if you live here, you will not be disappointed.
Button mushrooms, 4 huge Costco style
Pinto Beans - 1 can rinsed
Black Beans - 1 can rinsed
16 oz. Edamamme (For a touch of whimsey)
Fresh Oregano, 1 heaping teaspoon
Cumin, 1 heaping teaspoon

I think we scored, but I am one, (biased), opinion. I hope we can give Mike a healthy and acceptable taste when we have our potluck.

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