Monday, May 2, 2016

Geico - Enterprise Rent a Car - Unintended Consequences

The highway merges from 2 lanes to 1 in front of the Safeway on Kuhio HWY. Usually we go every other car. However, back in March a huge SUV decided two cars in the merge lane should get to go and ran my truck down, (I am guessing it was something like cell phoning while driving).

The police came and looked at our credentials and filed a report. We were both Geico, or so said the report. However, the other motorist had given the police false credentials and was an uninsured motorist.

Geico explained that I would have to pay my $500 deductible even though I was not at fault. OK, not happy news, but that is the way it is. I explained that Kathy and I would be out of the country and would deal with this when we got back. Now we are back.

Geico, called, said that the uninsured motorist was going to pay, and I would not have to pay the $500. Good news.

I managed to get an appointment with Kauai Collision for tomorrow. We only have one vehicle on island, so I need a rental. Geico pays $30.00 per day. OK.

For the last 45 minutes I have been calling Geico and Enterprise and can't get a lock on a car and a pick up time. It isn't that Geico is stiffing me. My adjuster, (one of them actually, Jesse), has been responsive, especially by email. Enterprise, has also called, just not the part of Enterprise that will pick me up and provide a car. I think it will all work out, we have time.

The point though is unintended consequences. I don't have experience in such things because I had not been in an accident in 40 years. Many of you already know the story of my GEO Metro that was totaled when a UPS truck ran a stop sign. I had forgotten just what a bummer an accident is, because the value they give you when they total a car is probably less than you think the car is worth.  This is the second time I am not at fault, but this go around it looks like it will be less about money than time. Any way you slice it, being in an automobile accident is going to cost!

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