Friday, May 6, 2016 Seis de Mayo Paina

Before we left for Belize I signed up our neighborhood, Waipoli, for It is a pretty neat way to stay in touch with your neighbors. Tonight we are throwing a party for the neighborhood. And, someone is trying to start a Kapaa neighborhood. I am anchoring the party with some Latino food and music since that is our theme, (Seis de Mayo). I documented a few of the recipes. After refreshing beverages, chips and many dips, this is the playlist:

Patata Tocino Clara de Huevo Tarta
Jamon y Queso Quesadillas
Chile Verde Lagana

Chocolate Flan
Almond Vaneera Flan Pudding
Kumquat Jalapeno Bread Pudding

Passion Fruit Mango ginger tea

It will be great to meet some new neighbors.

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