Sunday, March 10, 2013

Richmond to Orlando

James limo was on time for an 8:30 AM pickup, traffic was light and we made it to the airport easily. When we walked up to the Airtran counter, there was no line. Kathy's check bag was a bit heavy ( she is used to flying United where as a 1K she can go all the way to 70 pounds). But all I had in my personal effect was a box of cereal and a book, so we packed my second carry on full and got exactly to 50 pounds.

The plane was on time and it was a quick two hours from Richmond to Orlando. On the way out of the airport, I stopped at the McDonalds and pick up a cheeseburger, this will be the last cheap eats for a while, the resort charges, well resort prices. The Marriott World Center was kind enough to send a bellman to come get us at the airport. We have a nice room and I am excited about starting the conference off well.

This place is huge, I have never seen anything like it outside of Vegas. And there are so many SANS classes, the depth and breadth is incredible.

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