Monday, March 18, 2013

Orlando to Kauai

Since we moved back to the mainland, we haven't gotten to spend much time in the Hawaiian Islands. This time we have an unprecedented 45 days on the island. We left the sliding door open from our bedroom to listen to the ocean. When we landed it was flat, no white caps, but we sat our on the Makai lanai and saw the swells coming in from the distance. We did see a whale as we were landing, when the ocean is completely flat they are very easy to spot. This is only the second time I have seen a whale from the plane while landing. It will be interesting to see what things look like after the sun comes up.

It was a journey to be here. Our car was at 0430 to the Orlando airport. We were on United 1216 which was on time.

A wheel fell off my carry on bag right as I boarded United 785 from Chicago to Los Angeles which departed at 1000. We had an hour between flights in Los Angeles, so we thought we could purchase another. This was the top of the line Samsonite and it supposedly has a lifetime warranty, but a fat lot of good that does when you are on travel and your bag is broken.  Anyway, no joy on a new bag when we got to Los Angeles, the gate was not ready so we sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes. When we got to the gate there was nobody around to drive the jet bridge. We ended up racing through the airport to get to our gate. The flight to Lihue was also United 785 ( hate it when they do that) and I did not have a seat assignment, but every thing worked out OK.

Saw Jeff Frisk on the plane, I guess he also got up very early from Orlando as well. The sun is just coming up, it is a chilly day, high 50s I would guess. I made Kathy some gluten free pancake/blintz cakes for breakfast. Someone was kind enough to put a carton of eggs in our fridge , so used two eggs, some cheese, some greek yogurt and a handful of craisins. They came out great, some of these gluten free mixes are incredibly easy to work with.

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