Saturday, February 9, 2013

Viliage Snack and Bakery - Hanalei Kauai

Yesterday the weather was Epic here on Kauai and as luck would have it, we had scheduled time off. A friend had recommended this as a lunch place and told me to get the Chili Pepper Chicken Plate and the Chocolate Haupia. Turns out you can get it with brown rice, which is a plus. I am not much of a fried chicken kind of guy and Kathy won't touch it, but I did eat one piece, it was fresh out of the fryer, we I ate some of their rice until it cooled to the point I could handle it. It is crispy, in fact the crispiest fried chicken I have eaten ( though keep in mind that is probably three pieces in the past ten years) and the spice does come through nicely. If you are in a hurry call ahead, this is a favorite with the locals so you may have to wait a while if you just walk in.

After we ate, we took a walk through the Ching Young shopping center where the bakery is located to see what has changed. Was I ever surprised to see there is a full on huge Chicken and Barrel restaurant; good on you Pierce family. Next day off, if the weather is good we want to go back to Hanalei and we will have lunch there for sure. By the way, parking is tight at Ching Young in the front, but if you look at a map you can see there is a gravel road behind. That is where the locals park, hint, hint.

After lunch we parked at Black Pot beach and took a walk on the incredibly fine Hanalei sand beach. I have fairly tender feet and am selective about when I walk on the beach, but this is bar none my favorite. And they have a foot washing station to get cleaned up afterwards. Tip, if you have an extra hotel size body wash gel stick it in your pocket, it helps to really clean your feet up, that fine sand tends to stick.

Then we drove pack to Waipouli, grabbed our beach cart and walked to our favorite swimming beach, Perfects, located behind Pono Kai.

We finished the day with a homemade gluten free English Muffin topped with some cheese and a locally made Taro burger from Hoku Foods. A perfect day.

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