Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kauai to Atlanta

We took Hawaiian Airlines 240 to Honolulu. The flight was on time and there was only one problem, even though we booked through United they charged us for our bags and it was 85.00. I asked United customer service and the United people at the gate in Honolulu and they said call the 1k desk, not sure that is going to work. But will let you know.
Update Feb 20, 2013. I have now made four calls to United. They have a webform, There is a category for baggage charges, but it is not accepting the baggage document number. Ready for call #5. He suggested that I try contacting the web development team and forwarded me and after being on hold for five minutes, United hung up on me. Call #6, this guy is really trying, not sure what will come of it, but it is nice to see someone try. Funny thing though, he put me on hold to  and I finally got a baggage document number.

We had some time in the airport on Kauai and I had brought healthy food so we ate at our gate till it was time to board. Somehow we scored exit rows. They even had time to serve drinks, a pretty good trick on a 20 minute flight.

United 140 Honolulu to Houston was a great flight. It was a 767, we scored first class and they had lay flat seats. I am too tall for the lay down seats, but they certainly recline. I watched movies, I really enjoyed Chasing Mavericks, I was crying like a baby at the end. Then I watched Grease, gosh it has been a long time since I have seen that. After that, I could not keep my eyes open and crashed for a while. I woke up in the last hour of the flight and could not go back to sleep so I watched a bit of Liz & Dick, the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Not sure what I think about it, but, it was interesting and brought back some memories.

Our final flight, United 5208, was also on time making us three for three. It was a puddle jumper so we had to check our main carryon bags.

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