Sunday, February 24, 2013

Atlanta to Richmond

One of the facts about travel is that eventually your luck is going to run out. I got cleared for Pre, but Kathy did not know if she was cleared so we took the regular line. Kathy packed the bags while I was finishing with the National Science Foundation meeting and there was a full thermos in the bag which they confiscated. Sigh.

The first flight was Atlanta to Chicago. We found a United Club and I read the Financial Times, our plane, United 3487, was running an hour late and Kathy was a bit stressed we would miss our connection. I told her not to worry, when one plane runs late, the odds are that many planes are running late. Boy was that correct.

We made it to our gate area and found another United Club, I think this one must be either new or freshly remodeled. Found a USA Today and an Investor's Business Daily. United 5965 was originally scheduled to leave at 4:55 PM, but the dreaded "Awaiting Aircraft" sign was on, then it was 5:30, 6:30, 7:00 and finally 7:30. We boarded at 7:45, and finally left around 9:00 PM. Kathy and I got to the Richmond House at a bit past midnight and stayed up talking with Hunter till 3:30 AM. Long day.

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