Saturday, October 10, 2015

Seafood salad

When you want some lighter fare. Buy a bag of cooked frozen crab claws, (let thaw), a cucumber, pick a cherry tomato or two from the garden, poach some crab and scallop in chicken broth and cut the scallop finely, add some diced red onion if desired.

Wrap the crab and scallop with a thin slice of cucumber into a patty, sprinkle with ground annato, place the crab claw on top. Put a half cherry tomato and a quarter of lemon on the side.

Cut a loaf of fresh French bread into thin slices, toast, add some Ghost Pepper Cougar Cheese, broil at 425 until the cheese bubbles, let it cool till it is crunchy. Lean against the crab scallop patty. A lovely light lunch on the American Cruise Line Puget Sound Trip.

(OK, I made the ghost pepper cheese up, it was Parmesan, but a man has to have dreams. )

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