Friday, October 2, 2015

Chris Mintz breakfast lasagne

(There are four dishes being made. The lasagne and potato skins are for men's prayer breakfast tomorrow. Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Oregon.)

Chris Mintz Breakfast Lasagne

12 medium russet potatoes
2 cups ham
3 pounds sour cream
1 cup oatmeal
2 pounds shredded cheese, (I used mild cheddar)
2 sprigs rosemary chopped fine
1 bunch flat parsley chopped fine
1 large onion
Salt, pepper, paprika to taste

Cut the skins off the potatoes, set them aside. This will leave you with blocky somewhat skinless potatoes. Cut them into slabs about 1/4" thick to be the "noodles" in the lasagne.

Mix ham, sour cream, oatmeal, rosemary, parsley, onion, if it is too thick, thin with egg white.

Layer potatoes in the bottom of a backing pan and cover with the sour cream/oatmeal mix. Try to make sure to cover all the edges and spaces between potatoes or the cheese will stick to everything.

Cover with shredded cheese, add another layer of potatoes, cover with cheese, add your last layer of potatoes. Using a large spoon take about 3/4 cup of the sour cream mixture, thin with egg white, spoon over the top row of potatoes cover with cheese. Cook for an hour at 350 degrees. Make sure it is totally cool before cutting.

UCC Solidarity Potato skins

1 carton vegetable broth poured into a saute´pan.

Take the set aside potato skins place them in the pan. Add pepper, paprika, red pepper to taste. Before you add salt, read the broth carton, mine had enough salt already. Simmer till cooked to your preference, I wanted to taste the onion, so I fully cooked them, if you want the onion fully cooked, cook them to al dente.

Remove the potato skins with a slotted spoon. Place in a large saute´pan cover with sour cream oat mixture, cover with cheese, cook a bit at 350, finish with broil.

These are the potato skins, the port loin is next

Yes, I am a Christian Pork Loin

Take the remaining sauce, place in a smaller saute´pan. Add a pork loin to the sauce, it is ok if it does not cover, we are going to flip it. Put any leftover potato parts you have or cut some more. Cook on a low temperature, smallest burner, lowest setting for about 40 minutes, (this is a great opportunity to use a meat thermometer. At 20 minutes flip the pork and move some potatoes around. At food safe temp, remove the pork and let it cool some before cutting medallions.

15 minutes before serving. Bring the sauce to a boil, add a splash of olive oil and some dried porcini mushrooms. If they do not thicken the mix enough by absorbing the liquid, finish with your favorite thickening system.

We will not mention the name of the shooter chocolate and cherry

Place a gluten free ginger snap for each person on a saute´pan. On top of that add a piece of fudge, (any chocolate will do almost). Cut a slit for a dry cherry. Add a peanut butter chip to any flat place you can find. Let the chocolate soften just a bit in a warm oven. Just before serving give it a dash of Irish cream.

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