Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meatball Sausage and Ham Fricasee (Meat lover's fricasee)

It is our turn to bring the soup and starch for our church small group. I was thinking a Creole inspired soup and Cajun potato skins might be fun.

Soup base, I blended the potatoes left from the potato skin operation, essentially the cores with a small onion and chicken stock. Cooked rice and quinoa in chicken stock. I started the soup as quickly as possible, since it needs to cook for several hours.

Meatballs, I found some 93% lean ground turkey, cut up a bunch of parsley, added garlic and Cajun style spicing. I set up a station next to my boiling pot, make the meatballs and dropped them into the soup to cook.

Added some andouille sausage cook with a little olive oil and dried tomato paste. Went through by fridge looking for things to make the soup interesting, baby carrots, a red pepper, half a poblano pepper, Chopped them up small held them in reserve.

The core spices are salt, red pepper, paprika, and garlic. One of the folks at small group doesn't like too much spice, so I used more paprika than red pepper.

For the potato skins, I took a bit of the turkey, cooked it with Cajan spice, let it cool, finely chopped a handful Cremini mushrooms, mixed them with the turkey. I was trying to get the same umph as bacon using the Cajun spices. Two of the people in small group are lactose intolerant, (one just barely), so I used egg as their binder, for the rest of the potato skins, cheese.

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