Monday, March 9, 2015

Kauai to Seattle March 5, 2015

Alaska Airlines 854 boarded a little bit early since it was a full flight and they wanted to be on time for their departure at 2:15 PM. It was a wonderful flight, not too bumpy. I got one of the portable entertainment systems and watched Defenders of the Galaxy which was stupid, but being a geek I had to see it. Next I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. That is actually a pretty good movie, didn't get to see the ending, we had strong tail winds and got to SEATAC early.

Starline limo was on time, we were in the car by 10:25 PM and we had light traffic coming home. Kathy and the driver had an animated discussion about dogs, he has two Huskies and we are getting a Rottweiler next week. As soon as I got our bags in the house I set up my computer and the NewsBites draft was in my inbox. I did my part and sent it to Alan. Friday, I worked to catch up with the mail that was unanswered the day before.

The weather here was perfect, between 60 and 70, not a cloud in the sky. Saturday we slept late, I was up several times in the night. Spring has come early and I was sneezing. I hope all those budding plants keep in mind, late freezes can and do happen. In the mean time it is fun to see all the flowers, especially the cherry trees.

Cherry tree at Windmill Gardens

We slipped over to Lakeland center to drop our dry cleaning off at Regency cleaners and while we were there we ducked into Hagen's. Kathy found a starter of red thyme she is excited about and I picked up a gorgeous piece of deep red, wild caught, salmon and a dozen free range chicken eggs. I also grabbed some organic strawberries, we will wipe them out for breakfast before church. Dinner was chili lime salmon over a bed of parsley, wild rice and asparagus with a garlic aioli, and a potato pancake with one of those eggs, (don't tell anyone, but I slipped in some ground chia seeds as well). For dessert I made a nectarine and almond flour pastry with a touch of Irish cream. It must have worked, Kathy was licking the pan.

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