Monday, March 2, 2015

Kauai Kapaa - Mariachi's

Bottom line: I would avoid, Monaco's is the best Mexican in Kapaa/Waipoli/Wailua. Kathy and I went there Sunday night for a concert. They said it started at 4:00 PM and Kathy wanted to be there then, (I had been thinking something closer to 6:30 after some of the warm up bands were done).

When we got there it was happy hour and they do have food at happy hour prices, so we split a Carne Asada which was a bunch of french fries that had been warmed on the griddle, some melted cheese, a few bites of meat topped with a teaspoon of guacamole. They also served chips and salsa, I added their hot sauce to the salsa and that was a fun spicy combination.

I ordered a Negra Modelo, it was warm when I got it and served in the smallest cup I have ever seen a beer in. It was one those little clear plastic cups they give you at fast food places when you ask for water instead of a fountain drink.

The bands were so so, the chairs uncomfortable so we left early, good thing in a sense, we had walked there and five minutes after we got home it started raining and kept it up for hours. To be sure we need the water and I was glad it was not on my head.

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