Saturday, November 1, 2014

I doubt Microsoft will stay in business for five more years

My previous Mac died. I am trying to transfer all the files. Microsoft Office did not transfer, but no problem. I bought a license to the "cloud" version  of "Office 365".

I entered the product key, it was not accepted. Checked it once, twice, thrice, it was typed in correctly. I then went to the web site and tried again. Folks, Microsoft is badly broken.

I am a Washington state resident. I will not diss a local company lightly, but REALLY, you guys are seriously not getting it. You have become Adobe and that is not a good thing. Especially since I know they came to you to learn how to roll out patches.

I have to travel on Sunday, there is no time to visit the Mac Genius bar. Microsoft, in the unlikely event you scan the net for issues, you REALLY, ought make sure sure the product activation keys you sell actually work.

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