Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Mac is dead, long live my Mac

Four days ago my Mac keyboard failed. It was kind of nuts. I would hit a "d" and an "x" would display. Then it would not accept characters at all. The CPU was still working, when new email would come it would show the notifications on the top right.

We went to the Mac store in the Tacoma mall and they said it would be $1200 to repair so we decided to buy a new one. I had a Time machine backup that was only two days old, but decided to pay the $99 for them to transfer.

Mostly things seemed to transfer, Tor Browser did not and I think I have to re-purchase Little Snitch, but fairly painless so far. It will be an education. TrueCrypt was also destroyed and had to be re-installed, thank you Steve Gibson.

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