Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friends, weather, VA Beach

Church today was amazing. Normally when I hear the pastor is not there, I am tempted to leave, escape, run away, but Pete was super prepared. As someone that presents for a living, I know the type of preparation that had to go into that. Wow.

Another gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. We head up to Enumclaw in a couple hours to spend some time with friends who are in our small group.

A couple of the nights have been cool, but we were given a princely gift by Roy and his wife, a Brookstone "Nap" bathrobe. I would have never purchased such a thing, I have a cotton bathrobe from Wal-Mart, but this is incredible. Sure helps me enjoy the cool nights.

Feeling that crushing pressure before travel. I am excited about teaching MGT 512 in VA Beach with David Hoelzer, honestly expect we will rock the house. Even cooler, we should be able to spend some time with family. But not excited about travel, seems like a challenging flight.

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