Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Alan Yorke Parke and Urban Timber Coffee

We ended up with some flavor of the flu, thankfully very mild, on Monday. Tuesday, I had an evening meeting scheduled with the author of a Cyberwarfare book and his father. I wrote him and said don't do it, you do not not want what I have. However, we both recovered pretty quickly, enough that we decided to get a bit of sun at Alan York Park.

We filled a water bottle and grabbed our folding chairs and found a spot in the sun. If you have never visited the park, it is unique. It is a public boat landing and the park is a grassy area with a beach volleyball area. We set our chairs down. Mostly, it was a younger set and it was funny watching the young men "oggle" Kathy in her bikini. I grew up in Hawaii and spend a lot of time there, I guess they are bikini deprived in Washington state, but it was nice to see they appreciate Kathy.

I wanted something to eat and even though I had an awesome piece of ahi in the fridge, just did not want to cook. We decided to visit Urban Timber, they have a pub type menu, which is not my favorite. When we were first coming in I saw a group of eight men going in and started thinking about a plan B, once a large group starts drinking alcohol they can get pretty loud. However, we both noticed they were carrying bibles; how cool is that, they were meeting for a bible study.

 Kathy found a salad, "The Pike" and she enjoyed that. I tried the "Pulled Pork" appetizer as a main. Both were fine. I asked for a recommendation for wine from the bar tender/barrista who didn't know about their wine list. So, one of the servers came over and recommended the Kestrel Lady in Red, a Washington state red wine blend. Maybe we got a bad batch, but it just was not drinkable.

Not sure if Urban Timber is going to survive. This is my second time there and there were not many people in the place either time. The demographic is interesting though. Besides the group of men at the bible study, there was also a group of eight ladies, can't be certain, but they pattern matched for local politics.

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