Sunday, July 21, 2013

Denver to Seattle

I think the conference in Denver went well. We had a really civilized flight out from a time perspective. The hotel let us stay till noon. We holed up in the United Lounge till it was time to board, but United 1214 ran late. Not United's fault, dicey weather conditions in Denver. Couple hours in the lounge, couple hours at the gate and a couple hours on the tarmac, but we did not have a connecting flight, so I was chilled.

I watched the latest Die Hard movie on the airplane. It was OK, not great, but it helped pass the time. I also read the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal. We landed at ten something and were home about midnight. One of the elder's of Lake Tapps Community church did the preaching today and he had clearly prepared, but towards the end of the sermon I was afraid I would fall asleep.

Watched a bit of a risqué movie tonight with Kathy, The Sessions with Helen Hunt. Kathy bought it for me. As a fellow polio, it was really touching. It also reminded me of how God has richly blessed me, I may be a polio and to be sure, there are effects, but I can still walk without assistive devices and do not have to live in an iron lung.

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