Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kauai to Sumner

We had a merciful take off time. The car picked us up at 1030 and we headed for the airport. They are doing construction on the highway, but we left plenty early. United 351 was on time and the service was great and we scored first class and were seated together, what is not to like. The food was even good, I do not eat much beef, but I had the steak with peppercorn sauce.

Our connection was San Francisco and a restaurant was still open, so I had the turkey burger and Kathy had a plate of Nachos. Also not bad. United 1673 was a Continental plane and the service was well, what you expect of Continental.

We arrived about 1 AM. Starline was there to pick us up with their SUV because we were packing heavy bringing stuff from Kauai to Sumner. Not sure when we dropped off, but I did not wake up till 1300. Gosh, these long flights are starting to really take their toll.

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