Sunday, November 18, 2012

Goodbye Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego

Mike Poor secured a group reservation at Roy's. Deanna Boyden, Eric Cole, Johannes Ullrich, Kathy and I were able to join him. We got the appetizer boat for the table and shared a bottle of Joel Gott Zinfandel.

It was a good time. the next morning Kathy and I took a cab to to the airport. United 531 was on time and it was smooth flying to Chicago. Sadly my ears did not clear. We ate at the food court, I had a Reggiano's Deep Dish Turkey Sausage Pizza and Kathy had a salad. Two US Marines sat next to us and I was able to buy them a beer and Kathy thanked them for their service. They struck up a great conversation with Kathy, but I could not hear so I kind of tuned out.

United 529F to Richmond was also on time. Believe it or not it was a full sized plane, I guess the Richmond airport is picking up. And we scored first class of all things. I did not feel like drinks, but did down three glasses of water to try to get my ears to clear this time.

James Limo was on time. It was an easy ride to the house in Richmond. Kathy put in Top Gun, what a great movie. Apparently I fell asleep. I woke up Sunday morning about noon exhausted. This travel stuff is taking an ever greater toll on me.

I finally got out of bed, went to Wal-Mart to pick up some food, it was packed, people are taking this holiday seriously I guess. I made lean turkey, spinach and pinto bean enchildas for Hunter and Kathy. Sunday is a quiet night and I am getting ready to look at the calendar for tomorrow.

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