Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kapaa Safeway - Fried Chicken Drumstick $1.79

I was hungry, Kathy wanted to stop at a grocery store on the way home from Lihue. I have been craving fried chicken, so I agreed, happily and wholeheartedly.

Service was great, I bought two and brought them home. Do you remember being a kid on Sundays when they had dinner after church and some kind soul brought in a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  And . . . the adults were so dumb they said, "children first", hehe, no chicken for you oh last shall be first!

I brought the chicken home. Fired up Google news. Started to eat and saw the cost. $3.58 for two drumsticks, $1.79 a piece. Good thing I didn't get a bucket to take to church.

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