Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Attacking Trump is not enough - Washington Post article

WP reports, "“Attacking Trump is not enough,” a senior Democratic aide said late Tuesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly about strategy."

Whether you are liberal or conservative, identify with Republicans or Democrats, I hope this article makes you take notice.

1) “Attacking Trump is not enough,” I am glad to hear that. For starters something like “Attacking the sitting president is not enough,” would show a longer view. In the past presidents have been Republicans and Democrats, (and other long gone parties), and that is the most likely future.
2) "condition of anonymity to speak frankly about strategy". Have you noticed we, the public, are being fed a lot of anonymous quotes?

What ever happened with all the money that was spent on the election in Georgia, isn't really my business. I do not live and vote in Georgia. I need trustworthy information about the people running for office in Washington State. I wrote my representative yesterday, one useful fact in my next vote will partly depend on whether or not I get a reply :)

And as a free tip to the Democratic party. The Washington Post, (my first pay check as an author was a WP check), is right. Attacking Trump is not enough. And to try to be even handed, Republicans, Attacking Pelosi is not enough either if you want my vote.

So if you are a political strategist trying to get this undecided voter's vote, here are four tips in no particular order just to get you started, (if you go out and listen to people there are probably more):

  • Slow the Twitter thing down, democracy cannot be governed well 140 characters at a time.
  • I understand money is tight, but try not to build your platforms on policies that are abusive to children, kapuna, (older people), and the handicapped.
  • Ease up on the sleazy, sneaky behaviors. Have your meetings in the open. That sneaky style of politics got so bad in Hawaii, that we have a sunshine law.
  • Even though many of our African American brothers and sisters probably immigrated illegally, (not many passports on slave ships or so I am told), today most folks you meet were born in the USA, Springsteen style. We should find ways to get this shooting to kill black people thing back under control.

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