Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A pleasant flight from SEATAC to Lihue on United

Boarding was at 5:05 AM so we got a room at the Hilton Airport hotel. We had a lovely supper at 13 Coins, and went to bed early.

The Hilton scheduled a shuttle for us at 3:30 AM as we both need some time to navigate through an airport. Wish I had scheduled for 3:45 AM because after we checked our bag and got to security there was only one line open. However we were TSA Pre, but they weren't Pre_ing so I ended up having to do the laptop, liquids and shoe thing. However, just as we cleared security they opened up the second line with Pre, but no harm done, just a not for the future.

In both cases, (SEA to SFO and SFO to LIH) our gate was as far away as possible, but we had the time. Flight A14 was on time and it was a pleasant hour and forty five minutes.

We arrived a bit early and then made our way to our gate for LIH. UA 361 was a bit late, a mechanical, something wrong with the door latch, we figured we could wait for them to fix that. We scored a complimentary upgrade which was nice. They served breakfast on the plane and we had some food. The movie was some Hunger Games thing, I am not very familiar with that. We arrived on a sunny day on Hawaii.

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