Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Feteasca Neagra Romanian Wine

Kathy has been doing a woman's Bible study on Wednesday nights and tonight was the last session. We thought it might be nice to celebrate and share a bottle of wine.

I cooked a meal to go with it, an organic green pepper cooked in the juice of a ginger, tumeric rice, smoked turkey and at the last minute added some shredded red cabbage. It came out quite nice.

The wine is quite unique as well. Fetească Neagră, (Black Maiden), is a prephylloxeric epidemic variety of Romanian grape, cultivated mainly in Moldavia and Muntenia. The phylloxera is a tiny insect, (aphid or louse), that destroyed vineyards in the second half of the 19th century by killing the roots of the grapevines. For more than twenty years phylloxera continued to spread wiping out vineyards and even varietals of grapes. The solution was to graft vines onto resistant North American root stock.

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