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Rijsttafel - Jim and Mandy, Neighbors

This Thursday we will host Jim, Mandy and Joe for a Rijsttafel, a "rice table", small portions, often side dishes and always accompanied by rice. All the dishes are safe in the fridge for up to three days and there is a lot of prep work, so I did it sections. All dishes are prepared gluten and lactose free.

Day One 


I started by creating a chicken Italian sausage. They have 95% lean ground 1 lb packs of chicken at WinCo. I added two heaping tablespoons of parmesan cheese and some egg white as binder. The ruling spice is fennel. I took fennel seeds and blended them into powder. Other spices include salt, black pepper, red pepper, garlic, and paprika. Then I cooked up a small patty to taste and make sure the spicing was right.

I also created some black rice flour by using the blender and left a little of the fennel powder.

Next, I selected another rice. I picked up a jar of Harvest Medley, CalMati Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Sweet Brown Rice, Heirloom Red Rice. and cooked it up.

Then I washed a bag of mini multi-color peppers. I divided them in half, there were far more yellow peppers than red or orange, so used all yellow peppers for the pepper sausage, and a mix of colors for the stuffed pepper.

Pepper Sausage

I cut 1/4" rings, put them in a large non-stick skillet, I then filled the inside of each pepper with the sausage and cooked the bottom on the range at low heat. Then I cooked the top side with my broiler. BTW if you ever buy an oven, make sure you can broil with the door open. Then I turned off the broiler pushed the skillet all the way in and closed the door and let them sit for ten minutes to be sure the chicken is fully cooked.  Stuck toothpicks into the center and let it cool.

Stuffed Peppers

Cut the top off the multi-colored peppers and deseeded. Took part of the sausage and mixed it with the rice medley, 40% rice, 60% sausage. Added three heaping tablespoons of cheese powder and half a tablespoon of olive oil. For food safety, I cooked this mixture in a non-stick skillet. I stirred several times to ensure even cooking, when done, be ready to move fast.

I used a spoon since the mixture is hot, but nothing works better than fingers to make sure mixture is completely in the pepper.

Paprika Balls, (Bakso)

With whatever is left over of the mixture from the stuffed peppers, roll into small meat balls. One of the things I do that is a bit different than most Asian meat balls is add paprika. Shake some hot smoked paprika onto a smooth surface. Roll the meat ball around in the paprika, shake some more paprika and move on to the next meat ball, until they are all done.

At the Rijsttafel, these will be served over some of the rice medley which will be spiced with a bit of salt and red pepper.

Black Rice Flour Patties

Kathy wants to do a gluten free bread machine recipe and it calls for two tablespoons of black rice flour. I made some for Kathy and kept some for the meal. There was a little of the chicken sausage left so I put the flour in a pan, poured boiling water over it and stirred. The I added the remainder of the sausage. I also added a quarter cup of corn oil, these are going to be dry and cracker like as it is, but do not want them to be too dry and cracker like.

Even still they are going to need a sauce on top. At the Rijsttafel, these will be served with apricot sweet-sour sauce.

Day 2

Baked Satay

Satay is another version of meat on a stick. But I feel lazy and don't want to bother with sticks or my grill. I I built a version using a medium onion, 8 oz. lite soy sauce,  (if you don't have lite soy, then 6 oz soy sauce, 2 oz water), 1 tablespoon sesame oil, 3 tablespoons crushed ginger, 1 cup unsalted peanuts, a heaping tablespoon minced garlic, 2 dried hot peppers, (I would have used 3, but not sure about my guests' heat tolerance). Added a little water. Blended into a puree, (think creamy paste about the consistency of mashed potatoes).  Taste and see if you want to adjust your mix.

Cut 2 lbs boneless pork in to cubes. Arrange them evenly in a pyrex, cover with peanut sauce, set in fridge, marinate at least overnight and two days is better. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, plan on one hour cook time and a bit of rest time still in the oven.

Fish and Vegetable cake ( My version of Pempek Palembang)

Thawed four flounder and cut up small, two tablespoons diced green onion, 1/4 cup egg white,, a cup of the peanut pasted described above, a tablespoon of powdered ginger, tablespoon of garlic, 2 teaspoons of red curry, 2 tablespoons of cornmeal, 2 tablespoons of corn oil, a healthy shake of red pepper, coriander, and also paprika. Keep a bag of brown rice flour handy and work it into the mixture till you get to a consistency that will let it keep its form in the oven.

I use a non-stick cookie pan, but still spay oil. After I spoon all the cakes onto the sheet, I take my finger and put a depression in each of the cakes. Then carefully pour egg white into the depression for visual interest. Set oven for 325, check in 15.

Shortribs Done Four Ways, Indonesia is where the term "Spice Islands" was termed

Did the first set Dabu-dabu style with chopped fresh tomato, chili, and lime juice.

The second set was done in peanut sauce with coarsely chopped dried hot peppers resulting in a bit bolder version than yesterday.

The third set was fennel and ginger with crushed red pepper.

Last, I used some of the more common spices of the region and blackened them.

Day 3, day of the party


I had a can of coconut milk, tossed in some 5 min Tapioca, a little sugar, a touch of vanilla and ginger and slowly added egg white. Tossed it in the fridge, plan to serve cold.

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