Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coconut Shrimp, Chicken, Salmon

I was digging around in the freezer and found an open resealable bag of shrimp. The expiration date was January 2014 and it was already February 2014. Time to cook. My first thought was to make up some shrimp sauce and do the peel and eat thing with Kathy, but I wanted to bring something to our church small group meeting and take something to our next door neighbor.

The credit for the basic idea goes to Gina's Skinnytaste recipes. I went a different way, but that is fine. I had a bag of coconut, but it was chunks, so I tossed them in the blendtec and voila, coconut dust. The skinny recipe calls for equal coconut and panko, Kathy is responding very well to a gluten free diet so I used GF breadcrumbs, I also added a bit of No-Salt, red pepper and smoked paprika to the coconut mixture. Cooked and peeled the shrimp, (note to self, always buy peeled shrimp). I wanted to move fast so ....

Canola oil spray on a large non-stick skillet. Put a teaspoon of coconut mix ever where you plan to put a shrimp. Pour some Wal-Mart Egg White, (it is thicker than a lot of egg white products), into a bowl, put the shrimp in the egg, drop it onto the coconut in the skillet. Then a spoon of coconut goes on top, cook the bottom on the range, then broil the tops, the meats are cooked, the egg is pasteurized, so no food safety concerns.

Had a rotisserie chicken from Costco, (I love their chickens and am greatly disappointed if I buy one anywhere else), it was still warm. Cut half a breast free, pulled the skin, cut it into slices and did it again.

With the salmon, for some reason I decided to only put coconut on the top, put a thin coat of horseradish on the salmon first and directly to be broiler.

I did not have any apricot preserves, but did have dried apricots in the snack area of the kitchen. They worked just fine as a dip. Other than that I followed the Skinnytaste recipe.

I am excited to try this one again. Two possible changes, my coconut did not come out as brown as the picture on Skinny. I think I will pre-cook the coconut to a light brown. Also, wondering about substituting ground almond for the breadcrumbs.

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