Friday, December 20, 2013

Washington IAD to Seattle SEA - CDI

In a real surprise, the Washington Hilton and Towers arranged to have us transported to Dulles, we had planned to take a taxi.

We arrived at Dulles early. Kathy got PRE *again*, I did not *again*. Made it to the United Club lounge to see if one of my students had turned in his paper; nope he punted.

We had not had lunch. We found a restaurant called Moe's Bar and Grill. It was terrible, both the food and the service, though the Shrimp Cocktail was not bad.

Made our way to the gate, it was at the very end of the D Gates. We boarded and for my last trip as a SANS instructor, we were blessed with business class. United 326 was just a bit late, but they offered a pre-takeoff drink; I do not usually touch alcohol on a plane in case something happens, but was feeling a bit festive, so I had a Vodka Tonic, boy that is a blast from the past. The inflight meal was chicken with Marinara Sauce, I ended up polishing the whole plate off as I did not eat much of my food at Moe's. The service was excellent and the seat belt sign due to turbulence only came on once. Starline was prompt at picking us up.

We arrived home in Seattle, fired up all the gas fireplaces since we had left the thermometer at 65 degrees. It is funny, I feel just a bit wistful about retiring as a SANS instructor, but am thankful that I will not be flying 100k miles in 2014. When I crossed 1M miles, I became a United Premier Exec for life, (whatever that means). We have a bit over 300k miles on Alaska as well, when we do travel we should be able to avoid the seat in the back across from the bathroom.

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