Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last night in DC - Russia House

When Kathy and I stay at the Washington Hilton and Towers, we try to visit the Russia House at least once. I suppose it is a bit pricey, but we have learned if we get there early, we receive excellent service and usually have the downstairs dining room to ourselves. Arrived at 5:25 PM and scored once again.

They have a huge vodka list from multiple countries; we do not usually drink vodka, but when in Russia House ..... Plus if you only have one, there is no chance of getting inebriated. The glasses are about 2.5" tall and the diameter is about the size of a quarter. Kathy chose  a Square One Cucumber flavored and really enjoyed it. I chose the Van Gogh Pomegranate and also enjoyed it. The only flavored vodka I had ever had before was Mount Rainier Cherry.

We split an appetizer, the Cherry Elk Sausage. The name does not mean the sausage tastes like cherries, rather there are Mostarda Cherries  and there is a pile of Kubotcha Squash "pasta". Kathy does not usually eat sausage, but she likes this dish.

Kathy's main was Shaslik, Pork Marinated in beer, (I think), and Rice Pilaf, with Spiced Honey; it is pretty tasty. I had the Kobe Duo, a generous portion, served with Spinach.

They asked us if we were celebrating anything, (30th anniversary was just a bit ago, Kathy shared that), after the meal they brought us a warm dark chocolate cake with molten chocolate in the middle with a pink and blue birthday style candle. Nice touch, but I was stuffed and Kathy can't do gluten. I ate a couple bites to be sociable.

Price of meal before gratuity was 103.00.

All in all it was a very pleasant experience. Not sure if we will be back, I hope to still do some work from home stuff for SANS, but retired as a SANS Instructor this week. 16 years being constantly on the road has taken its toll.

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