Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Old Glory All American BBQ Georgetown DC.

We had a very light breakfast today, Kathy had a hard boiled egg and I had 8 chunks of watermelon. There were some errands we had to run, but we were able to get everything we needed at the Rite Aid that is a block or two from the hotel. Kathy even splurged on a spray Argan Oil & Shea Butter bottle that you are supposed to spray on your hair.

We brought our treasures back to the hotel and I said let's go to Georgetown. I do not have to work today till 4:30 PM. We both have fond memories of that part of the city (and no, I will not write those stories down). There we so many cool restaurants for lunch, but we settled on Old Glory. Even though Kathy does not eat much meat, we are both suckers for BBQ. Is this the best BBQ I have ever had? No, but it is in the top ten and that says a lot; the now closed hole in the wall on Ride Out Road Huntsville Alabama and the now closed Ollie's in Birmingham remain my top one and two, (BTW, you can still buy Ollie's Sauce online, if you like a vinegar based BBQ sauce, you would be wise to treat yourself to this):

Kathy had the Salmon Lollipops with Mango Salsa and the Collard Greens. I had the Cuban, (I think this is the best Cuban I have ever enjoyed, the extra pickles were a wonderful touch). All of the food was top notch, very well thought out flavors. The sauces on the table are a real blast, Service was excellent as well; 3139 M Street NW, (202)337-3406. We scored a table by the window so we could watch the people going by. Kathy and I sometimes play a game where we pick a passer by and make up their life story. If you find yourself in Georgetown, and you like BBQ, Old Glory is worth checking out. One note, they do not have a wine list. Apparently their specialty is bourbon. I guess I have had a glass of bourbon at some point, but never got the hang of it, but they seemed happy to just serve us water.

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