Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arnaud's - New Orleans

Mike Poor, Hal Pomeranz and I went to Arnaud's in the French Quarter. We set on the side of the restaurant with the jazz band. Mike is a good customer so they gave us a free appetizer. We ordered two appetizers for the table, alligator sausage and crab claws. Hal, ordered a Jameson, Mike ordered a Perrier and I drank tap water.

Both Hal and Mike ordered a filet dish called Plat du Jour and I ordered Fish Pontchartrain. Each of us killed our mains and joined the clean plate club.

For dessert Mike ordered a Praline Crepe and Cappuccino, Hal passed and I ordered a brandy.

Sugar bear and his band were excellent and played for our table twice. Great food, great jazz, great conversation. I am not sure I like New Orleans, but I do like the restaurants.
Update February 5 2013, I saw a link posted by Josh Wright on Youtube of Mike Poor playing with the Gumbo Trio; good on you Mike.

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