Saturday, April 15, 2017

Book Review: Maxwell Leadership Bible

The Maxwell Leadership Bible by John C. Maxwell

So why this book? The graduate school I work for The SANS Technology Institute has an assignment on transformational leadership. I have always been a bit worried we would run out of topics. After reading this book I worry no longer. It turns out Mr. Maxwell has a full understanding of leadership and uses the stories and characters in the Bible to point them out. He also has a framework or two including qualities of leaders and irrefutable laws of leadership.

It is a bit distracting moving from Bible text to Mr. Maxwell's call out boxes, but after a while you adapt.

I did not read the entire Bible for this review. In the old testament I read Esther, Ezra and Nehemiah and the entire new testament. I was mostly satisfied with his treatment of transformational leadership with the exception of Paul's letter  to the church in Rome. Mr. Maxwell tried to be a bit of a study Bible, so both that and the leadership component suffered.

Conclusion: This was an eyeopener to me. There is a lot left to say about transformational leadership. When I get some time I would like to choose some very famous fiction novel and see if I can apply Mr. Maxwell's approach

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