Friday, December 11, 2015

John, Vicky and Cache for dinner

We are hosting another couple tonight. Here is the playlist:

Cold chicken and potato soup with roasted corn on top.
I cooked the carcasses of three rotissarie chickens on low in my crockpot for 24 hour until the bones were falling apart. Strained the broth. Cooked two potatoes. blended together. Spices were salt, fennel, thyme. Added just a hint of lemon and cooled. Before serving, added a heaping teaspoon of feta cheese to each bowl, stirred, then two flat teaspoon pieces of ripe avocado. Put a tiny pinch of chili powder on the top, put the crunchy corn on top of that.

Cordon Bleu on a thin corn bread
In my large Saute' pan added just enough cornmeal to cover the bottom, added egg white and shook it even. Placed a piece of Costco no nitrates Canadian bacon for each serving. Cut a chunk out of a smoked gouda wedge. Placed Gouda on the bacon. Turned the heat on low and covered with a dome. Cut long slices of chicken breast. As soon as the gouda was soft, cut the heat, placed the chicken. Garnished with Siracha.

Smoked meat from baby back ribs in sweet potato cups
Lemon potatoes, monchong marinated in rice vinegar with smoked salmon garnish
Chocolate/ginger/walnut/coconut on a gluten free ginger snap

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