Friday, April 10, 2015

Showmark is the most annoying SPAMMER I have ever encountered

I am pretty chilled when it comes to unsolicited commercial email. However, like everyone else, I have limits.

The good news is the SANS Technology Institute has been selected as a finalist by SC Magazine. The bad news is that I get two, (or more), emails a day from Showmark to buy a plaque. This has been going on for days. The crazy thing is that I did respond to Steve Wilson and asked about buying  the rights to the art, (we have no need for a physical plaque), and never got a response.

I do not normally use unsubscribe because it validates the email, but I guess I have no choice. This is what the email looks like.


SANS Technology Institute .,
Just following up to see if you would like to order your plaque?
To continue and complete your order, please click the link below.


Steve Wilson
Account Manager

Your Professional Distinction is worthy of the premier recognition product in the marketplace. Let us turn your distinction into an impressive and elegant work of art, a beautiful addition to adorn your office, lobby or conference room.

To Unsubscribe from any follow-up emails from SHOWMARK related to the above mentioned recognition in, please Click Here.
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1 comment:

  1. They didn't send me anywhere near that many.
    Maybe one every few days.

    Guess you won more awards than I did!

    But, over time the email price started coming down. So I wrote in said cut to the chase, what's the bottom price. More like $130. Still not cheap, but I like having it up on the wall.

    And, it looks pretty good. Close enough to worth it, imho.

    Not sure what you mean by "validate the email." I mean, they're gonna keep sending you until you unsub, so how much more "valid" are they waiting for it to get?